Satellite "Emma"

Our satellite's nickname is ”Emma".

It was named after an ”ema” that is dedicated to a shrine with a wish written on it.
It is said that the gods once appeared on horseback, and it is written that they dedicated horses (divine horses) as vehicles for the gods.
On the other hand, those who could not offer horses gradually began to substitute horse statues made of wood, paper, or earth. It is said that
As a vehicle for everyone's wishes, we use rockets and artificial satellites to deliver everyone's wishes to space.

Satellite "Emma" Mission

①"Cosmo Emma"

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and made a wish upon a shooting star?
We want to put everyone's wishes on an artificial satellite and send them to space, and really deliver them to the sky.
We are looking for wishes that we want to deliver to the universe through crowdfunding.
By all means, let's entrust everyone's wishes to "her" and deliver them to the universe.


Just as astronomy has developed along with astrology, the universe and fortune-telling are closely related.
Using the data received from "Emma", you can see the results of the omikuji on the Cosmo Girl Ham Club website, just like drawing an omikuji at a shrine.
Radio amateurs can also challenge themselves to receive data.


We will deliver the photos taken by "Emma" to the ground.
You can tell your fortune by how the photo is taken.

Launch Information

  • Launch Schedule :Dawn of the year 2023 AD
  • Rocket Name :to be decided
  • Launch Location :to be decided
  • Orbital Altitude :400km
  • Track Shape :circular orbit
  • Orbital Inclination Angle :51.6degree

Satellite System

The satellite receives commands from the ground station, processes information with an internal microcomputer, and transmits mission data. Power is generated by solar cells and charged in batteries. A dipole antenna is used for communication.

Satellite Body

The satellite is a 100mm square cubic shape called CubeSat and has a mass of about 1kg.

Satellite station call sign
  • Satellite Station:to be decided

Ground Station

The ground station uses Kantronix KPC9612 for the TNC and iCOM IC-9100M for the communication device. The antenna is a normal Yagi-Uda antenna and is installed on the roof of the building to avoid obstacles in the propagation path to the satellites passing above.

Ground Station Call Sign
  • Ground Station:JS1YJX

Satellite Communication

The satellite orbits the earth about every 90 minutes, and from the ground it appears to be moving in the sky, passing over the ground station several times a day. Communication with the satellite can be operated 3 to 5 times a day, and communication is normally possible for 5 to 15 minutes per time.